Director of Curriculum and State/Federal Programs

Friday, March 24, 2017
Plainwell Community Schools
Position Details: 


The Director is responsible for providing quality instructional services that will compliment current and future educational programs in Plainwell Community Schools. These services include facilitating the coordination of aligning, implementing and evaluating curriculum, instruction, and assessment; staff development; and school improvement initiatives. The Director will also work closely with school administrators, special education staff, and all educators to develop and implement research based practices designed to overcome instructional/learning challenges, including but not limited to the goal of reaching students of poverty and students experiencing learning difficulties.



  • Minimum of a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership of Curriculum/Instruction
  • Valid Michigan Administrator Certificate with Elementary/Secondary Administrator
  • Minimum five (5) years teaching experience required and three (3) years school administration preferred
  • Strong background in curriculum development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Strong background in MTSS, RTI, and PLCs
  • Experience in instructional practices, school improvement, accreditation, assessment, state and federal categorical programs and data
  • Demonstrated skill in achievement data analysis
  • Successful experience in grant writing
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to work in a collaborative decision-making system that utilizes teams
  • Ability to meet current state of Michigan certification requirements associated with the position
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board and/or Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.



  • Lead and facilitate alignment, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Michigan's K-12 curriculum standards
  • Coordinate and ensure the success of the district's response to intervention (RTI), multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), and professional learning communities (PLCs)
  • Lead and implement identified research based programs designed to overcome early learning difficulties and the effects of poverty
  • Coordinate and collaborate all curriculum, professional staff development, and instructional practices by aligning activities with the adopted curriculum
  • Establish effective professional relationships and communication avenues with local districts' Curriculum Directors, Superintendents, and other school leaders as appropriate
  • Ensure compliance with all related federal and state laws, rules and regulations through monitoring and compliance activities. Interpret federal and state laws, rules and regulations to staff
  • Lead and coordinate the design and implementation of professional staff development and instructional programming
  • Coordinate and supervise the district's assessment programs
  • Prepare district budgets for curriculum, assessments, state and federal programs, and assist in building budgeting for textbooks and instructional supplies
  • Collaborate with and assist K-12 General Education and Special Education staff in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of research-based instructional strategies and programs
  • Supervise, manage and evaluate the performance of all instructional personnel and programs
  • Responsible for ongoing procurement and management of any and all grants that may be available for use by district staff
  • Lead, facilitate, and assist the district and buildings with annual reports, accreditation, school improvement processes, intervention and prevention initiatives, strategies, grants, and assessment data analysis
  • Provide training and technical assistance appropriate to district and building needs
  • Participate in administrative networking programs (administrative meetings/curriculum council, etc.) to gather information on educational and legislative initiatives and update knowledge of current trends in education
  • Facilitate school and district improvement reporting requirements as identified and mandated by the state and federal governments.
  • Facilitate technology integration to foster collaboration, build interest, ensuring effective use of time and resources
  • Assist in the preparation of all reports (EEM, CEPI, CRDC, MSDS, MEGS, GEMS, REP, etc.) and paperwork required by the state and local departments of education.
  • Seek and apply for entitlement and competitive grants both public (state and federal) and private
  • Develop and oversee budgets for instructional programs
  • Serves as the District Coordinator for Title IA and IIA requirements – Consolidated Application Budget, Oversight of Reading Specialists, instructional aides, purchases, coordination of parochial schools, parental involvement components, policy application and document retention, after-school, summer school and credit recovery programs, review and evaluation of all instructional programs
  • Serves as the District Coordinator for At-Risk (31a) – Programs and budget, instructional support, compliance, staffing, evaluation of program
  • Serves as the district Immigrant Liaison and McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Liaison – Assistance to immigrant and homeless students with coordination of services, completion of evaluation reports
  • Serves as the District Coordinator for English Language Services per Title III
  • Serves as Facilitator for District Health Advisory Committee
  • Pupil Accounting and Audits – Application and interpretation of the Pupil Accounting Manual
  • Teacher Mentoring – Facilitates teacher mentor meetings, sets up access for teacher programs, and serves as contact for new teachers throughout school year
  • Creation of the Annual Report – District and building-level reports
  • Actively engage in various community partnerships to better align resources with the needs of students
  • Participate in yearly contract negotiations with teachers' union
  • Develops and verifies school calendar including FTE counts and waivers
  • Reliable and regular attendance
  • All other duties as assigned