Director of Technology

Friday, November 30, 2018
Traverse Bay Area ISD & Excelsior Twp School District
Position Details: 

TITLE:                                    Director of Technology Services

CLASSIFICATION:               Level III

LOCATION:                           TBAISD Administration Office

EFFECTIVE DATE:              November, 2018

REPORTS TO:                       Superintendent

Job Description:

The Director will work closely with the TBAISD Superintendent, the Senior Leadership Team members and regional stakeholders to develop and implement the strategic technology plan for the ISD. This strategic plan must support a shared services infrastructure that member school districts can utilize to improve utilization/efficiencies and reduce the cost of technology acquisition and support.
The Director will build strong relationships with area superintendents to ensure a sound understanding of the organizational needs for each member district so the needs are well represented in the shared services plan. This will allow for high adoption of offered services by the member schools.

The Director will also provide leadership and oversight to technology services operations within TBAISD, build and develop employee knowledge and skills through collaborative management and the creation of effective working relationships. The Director must work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to fully understand the organizational goals of the ISD and to ensure a well aligned technology capability that is based on a return on investment approach.

The Director will successfully perform a leadership role in integrating 21st century teaching and learning skills within and throughout the TBAISD service area.


Directly supervises employees in technology services or assigned designees.  Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.

Must be a skilled administrator, an effective communicator, knowledgeable regarding the application of technology in the classroom, and experienced information technology individual who can work with all district staff at all levels within the organization and across our five-county region.  
1.     Preferred Master’s Degree in information technology or equivalent experience and background.
2.     Three to five years of experience in similar position and comparable job responsibilities.

3.     Certification through MSBO as Chief Technology Officer or willingness to pursue.  
4.     Strong project management skills with understanding of how this translates into budget   

development and management.
5.     Comfort managing a budget, making purchasing decisions, and handling the financial

aspects of a technology services department.
6.     Knowledge about market rates for technology equipment and services and the issues

that determine cost efficiencies.  
7.     Ability to direct, manage, and negotiate with vendors and business partners.
8.     Strong communication and interpersonal skills; the ability to build partnerships and

articulate a vision for the ISD’s technology program with ISD staff, constituent districts,

various funding agencies and partner organizations.
9.     Experience with enterprise wide systems deployment (software & hardware).
10.   Ability to establish and lead governance committees and facilitate the process of

priority-setting and decision-making.
11.   Ability to adapt known technologies to new uses and envision natural relationships

between emerging technology resources and the education process.
12.   Big-picture understanding of school organization, of curriculum and of the issues of

greatest importance to teaching and learning.
13.   Understanding of the change process and effective approaches to facilitating change.
14.   Knowledge and expertise about infrastructure and performance standards for all aspects

of the information technology system.
15.   Strong technical background accompanied by a personal commitment to ongoing

research and learning.
16.   Ability and willingness to hire skilled experts to support and oversee different aspects of

the information technology program.
17.   Ability to make purchasing and implementation decisions based on needs of the total

school system - and on an understanding of the full life cycle of technology purchases.
18.   Understanding of data-driven decision making and the role information needs to play in

shaping, supporting and coordinating a district’s educational programs.
19.   Understanding of techniques and tools for data gathering, warehousing, and analysis -

including knowledge of available applications and the options for customizing them or

building new tools in-house.

20.   Knowledge of data-related industry standings (eg., SIF and SCORM) and of government

mandates (e.g. NCLB or IDEA) with information reporting requirements.

21.   Ability to assess and respond to the needs and concerns of a variety of workers with

varying degrees of knowledge.

22.   Knowledge about laws and legal issues related to copyright, privacy, filtering and other

aspects of school technology use.

23.   Awareness of other relevant issues including safety, technology-related health concerns

and guidelines for fair and ethical implementation of technology.

24.   Experience with AUP (acceptable use policy) development and enforcement.

25.   Commitment to modeling responsible technology use and working closely with all    


Employment Terms:

12 month salaried administrative contract subject to working agreement of supervisory personnel.

Evaluation:  Performance will be evaluated by the Superintendent


1.   Lead and direct all TBAISD network operations.

2.   Coordinate and oversee local area networks including servers, network infrastructure, security and


3.   Coordination of technology as related to all programs and services within TBAISD.

4.   Successfully lead and implement regional technology plan.

5.   Maintain current knowledge in networks and other relevant technologies.

6.   Determine and apply standards in technology hardware and software.

7.   Determine and implement technology infrastructure and expansion in a cost effective, efficient


8.   Manage and lead the integration of TBAISD databases.

9.   Preparation, implementation and management of technology budget.

10. Leadership of network security-desktop to enterprise.

11. Plan, envision and direct the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of the districts

      technology equipment.

12. In cooperation with local school districts, create and implement a vision for technology service

      throughout the five county region.

13. Lead and professionally develop the region’s technology directors/leaders.

14. Successfully lead and manage technology personnel.

15. Direct priorities and planning of staff: enterprise security, enterprise growth, new technologies;

      technical specifications.

16. Lead and oversee the successful integration of 21st century teaching and learning skills

      throughout the region.

17. Support professional development opportunities for the region’s educators.

18. Research and implement innovative funding mechanisms to support the region’s educational


19. Other duties as assigned by TBAISD Superintendent.


Job Type: