School Principal

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
St. Paul the Apostle School
Position Details: 

Saint Paul the Apostle School Announces an Exciting Leadership Position

Position:                     School Principal

Job Begins:                2018-2019 School Year

Enrollment:               Approximately 200 students

Grade Levels:            Preschool, K-8

Demographics:          Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School, established in 1962, is located in the economically thriving, award winning, and culturally vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which has frequently been chosen as one of the “best places to raise a family in the U.S.”  by Forbes Magazine. The school is located in the southeast region of the city, in a thriving and prosperous residential neighborhood. The community is made up of professional, educated and economically successful families. Saint Paul the Apostle Parish is a rich and diverse Catholic faith community with over 1,100 families in all stages of life, and it strives to be a caring people, seeking to teach, heal, reconcile and grow in the image and likeness of God.

School Culture:         Saint Paul the Apostle School is a dynamic faith and learning community. It is a family, known for its love, care, compassion and commitment to excellence in everything it does. It is a place of high expectation in the formation of the Catholic faith, in the achievement of superior academics, and in the preparation of students to live the Gospel. The school is considered one of the most successful, innovative and rigorous schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids in preparing students for success in high school and beyond. Saint Paul’s, at its core, is a place of nurture and individualized care for each child. With our 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio, and our exceptional and highly skilled faculty, we seek to customize and teach the heart and mind of every child. Saint Paul the Apostle is a consistently generous community, and its parents and families are committed to resourcing the physical property, and the professional development of our staff. In 2014, over $1.1 million was raised, and invested to expand, enhance and improve classrooms, technology and innovative learning resources. Our mission is to provide a God-centered education fostering spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, social and physical growth, which enables students to live as faith-filled Catholics in a diverse world.  


  1. Mission-driven and practicing member of the Roman Catholic Church
  2. Master’s degree in educational leadership or administration with State of Michigan administrator certification
  3. Must have a current continuing, life, permanent, professional, provisional, or standard teaching certificate for the State of Michigan at the level of administration
  4. Understands the structures, tenets and institutions of the Catholic Church
  5. Willingness to obtain advanced catechist certification from the Diocese of Grand Rapids within five years
  6. Preferred minimum of five years of experience in a Catholic school
  7. Preferred minimum of three years of administrative experience in education
  8. Must adhere to Code of Ethical Conduct
  9. Completion of background checks and fingerprinting, Virtus Training, Catechist Certification



  1. Desire to foster the faith life of the community and advance the mission of the Church
  2. Excellent communications skills including written, verbal, public speaking, and presentation; must have excellent communications skills with both children and adults
  3. Excellent human relations and interpersonal skills; must be a self-starter and well-organized; must be a team player
  4. Be available for evening and weekend work as necessary; have reliable transportation
  5. Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and work under pressure
  6. Proficiency in the use of technology including word processing and the use of school-related technology
  7. Flexibility in assessing needs and strategies and the ability to adapt appropriately in a school ministerial environment
  8. Welcoming and personable
  9. Strategic vision and planning
  10. Ability to engage the community in vision
  11. Collaborative team builder
  12. Curricular and cocurricular leadership
  13. Operational organization and problem-solving skills
  14. Responsive decision making
  15. Strong track record in leadership and experience in culture transformation or culture building
  16. Inspiring leader along with the ability to lead others



  17. Instructional and personnel leadership, student affairs, internal and external business affairs, board relations
  18. Provide visible spiritual leadership for the school community and ensure that appropriate religious and school ministry activities occur regularly
  19. Tasked with ensuring that all diocesan policies and administrative procedures applicable to the operations of the school (employee and student handbooks) and the school’s mission as a Catholic academic community are implemented
  20. In cooperation with the school pastor and school staff, design the academic program of the school, arrange for the purchase of materials and equipment and the scheduling of courses and related activities and annual evaluation of the program
  21. Approve and oversee all student activities and athletics by means of effective personal communication and working relationships with students, faculty/staff and families
  22. Develop and oversee programs of guidance and counseling, student services and the supervision and discipline of students
  23. Develop the criteria for admission to the school according to diocesan policies, and determine the admission of students based on that criterion
  24. Supervise and evaluate teaching and support staff in their growth
  25. Work collaboratively with the staff and diocese to provide for the revision of instructional programs and professional staff development
  26. Manage all operations of the school
  27. Maintain open and consistent lines of communication with students including meeting with students, listening, and referring them for professional services as appropriate.
  28. Work collaboratively with school staff on items such as security, cafeteria, and maintenance to ensure a safe and positive environment
  29. Monitor and respond to feedback from students and parents
  30. Confer regularly with the school pastor and staff on the development and management of the school budget and the development of programs for effective student recruitment and retention
  31. Other duties as assigned

Accountability:          Hired by the school pastor in consideration of the Board’s recommendation and with the approval of the superintendent of Catholic schools; reports to the school pastor and is evaluated by the pastor or his designee (board chair) according to the process established by the superintendent of Catholic schools. Accountable to the Board for the areas of responsibility delegated to the Board by the pastor and the diocese. Accountable to the superintendent of Catholic schools in matters where diocesan policy and direction are concerned.


Salary:                        Competitive within the Catholic school market

Apply to:                    Father Peter Damian, school pastor

                                    c/o St. Paul the Apostle School

                                    2750 Burton St. SE

                                    Grand Rapids MI 49546

Apply by:                   Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Apply with:                Please attach a detailed letter of application with a resume. Complete and return to the above address the application form located here.