Thursday, August 30, 2018
Farwell Area Schools
Position Details: 

Farwell Area Schools

Notice of Position Vacancy


Posting Date: June 5th, 2018


Position Title: 

  • 8th Grade Volleyball Coach


Starting Date:  2018-2019 School year


Salary Range: per FEA contract


Qualifications Required:

  • Strong verbal, written, and leadership skills
  • Knowledge of activity, including safety, training techniques, and skills
  • Knowledge of MHSAA and high school athletics
  • Knowledge of equipment relevant to sport
  • Organizational skills and ability to teach skills to all levels
    • Preference will be given to prior coaching experience
  • Skills and experience running an athletic team
    • Practice Plans and Game Prep
    • Travel Logistics
    • Budgets


Job Description:

  • Run the 8th grade volleyball program, in conjunction with the High School volleyball program and in tandem with the 7th grade program.
  • Lead other coaches/staff with all duties pertaining to sport
  • Professional tact, diplomacy, and presentation with administrators, teachers, coaches, students, parents and community
  • Help oversee game day preparations
  • Help monitor student-athlete attendance, academic performance and progress
  • Successfully coach during practices, games and off-season workout programs as well as scrimmages and camps
  • Help direct and monitor feeder programs
  • Help with fundraising for the program/team
  • Perform other athletic related duties assigned by the Athletic Director

 Application Deadline: Open Until Filled.

Please submit resume and letter of application.  Send information to: 

Mr. Tom Suggitt, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Farwell High School, 399. East Michigan, Farwell, MI 48622

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