Michigan Virtual - Programming Specialist

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Michigan Virtual
Position Details: 

Position Title: Programming Specialist
Reports To: Director of Technology Integrations
Department/Team: Technology Integrations/Technology Services
Job Category: Specialist II
Supervisory Responsibilities:  None
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Location:  Lansing Office, Lansing, MI – With teleworking opportunities
Starting Pay: $52,870 (negotiable based on education & experience).

To Apply and View Full Job Description: https://www.applitrack.com/mvu/onlineapp/JobPostings/view.asp?FromAdmin=...

In search of a developer hero…
We change lives, we build confidence, we help people learn, we make learning accessible, and we do this together because we love it.  Do you have the same passion for helping people learn?  Do you want to make a difference in the field of online education in the state of Michigan?  Do you have technical skills that pay the bills?  If so, read on my friend, we might be a good match for each other.

To us, education is what matters.  Here’s how we impact it:

  • We make online courses available to High School and Middle School students in Michigan, courses that may not be offered in their school. And we do this online, with great content, dedicated instructors, mentor partners from within the schools, and support staff that makes everything go nice and smooth.
  • We help educators in Michigan stay on top of their game by providing online training and through online learning repositories.
  • We help school districts train their workforce to give them the skills they need to be productive.
  • Through research and policy, we enhance the field of online education for everyone in the state of Michigan.

We’re sure you can imagine, this doesn’t come easy.  But we aren’t afraid of a challenge.  We are all life-long learners, educators, and experts in our fields. We get excited when we talk about our work.

And we’re growing....
Here’s where we need you.  To accomplish our quest, we need to level up our systems. To make our dreams come true we need a developer.  Not just any developer, but a developer who can make systems talk.  If your passion for education is only matched by the thrill of new API’s, automating manual tasks, and taking on new challenges then you need to get us your resume ASAP.
Flex your technical might, make a difference to students and educators in Michigan, and join a team that makes the impossible possible every day. Make use of your programming skills and create engaging interactive reports, automate data flow from disparate systems, integrate resource management tools, harness ASP.NET and web technologies to automate manual tasks, and create and customize web applications utilizing C# and other web standards such as PHP. Dive into learning management systems with a team that has your back and will do a happy dance with you as you celebrate wins.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.
As we strive to accomplish our quest we know that you have missions of your own. If you need to sharpen your skills, learn new ones, and explore what possibilities exist for a developer such as yourself, no need to continue looking for a party! We offer many opportunities for professional development, both within the organization and externally. Many of our members take part in flexible summer hours, and some do most of their work remotely. Other perks of being a part of our team include 2-to-1 contributions to a retirement fund and four weeks of vacation a year to spend as you please. All of this, and more awesome benefits, could be yours!

Are you ready?  Show us what you’ve got and send us your resume.