Elementary School Principal

Friday, October 20, 2017
Columbia School District
Position Details: 

Job Description


The principal is responsible for managing the operations of the school to continuously meet its goals and objectives. For that reason, the principal establishes committees for school departments and organizes the student schedules.  On a daily basis, principals must perform a variety of tasks, including overseeing staff performance, supervising student behavior, and ensuring that the academic programs are thriving. Principals develop school budgets and administer school-wide activities. Principals implement curriculum and oversee academic programs that offer the students the foundation for a successful future. They ensure that students abide by the school guidelines and student code of conduct.


Principals are required to have a master's degree or higher in education and must have the appropriate administrative certificate for the State of Michigan.



Must have the ability to motivate staff, have a broad knowledge of a variety of content areas and methodology, and be able to analyze data to identify school strengths and weaknesses, planning accordingly. 

The principal should be approachable, student-focused, have strong functional and technical skills, posses interpersonal savvy, be able to communicate in a professional manner, listen well, have organizational agility, persevere and manage time well. Work independently and coordinate the completion of several tasks simultaneously.