Saturday, October 21, 2017
Covert Public Schools
Position Details: 

Elementary School Teacher - Kindergarten


1.  Current State Teaching Certificate

2.  Master's Degree in Reading or Related Field Preferred

3.  ZA Endorsement Preferred

4.  Teaching Experience Preferred

5.  Preferred Proficiency in Spanish

6.  Understanding and Knowledge of 3rd Grade Reading Bill


Responsible for the direct instruction fo students as well as planning instruction and setting goals:  implementing curriculum, clearly and timely communications of standards, achievement and deficiencies of students to parents, teaching good study habits, monitoring and assessing academic process.  Working with student specialists', parents and administration to develop Individual Education Plans; provides independent study plans and academic remediation as needed.


1.  Responsible for student learning.

2.  Maintain a safe and orderly classroom.

3.  Plan and implement classroom instruction using best practices and strategies which effect student learning.

4.  Manage students and set up classroom routines which enhance student learning and reduce abhorrent behavior.

5.  Develop relationships with students and parents that enhances learning environment.

6.  Open lines of communication with parents on student achievement and behavior.

7.  Continually improve professional practice and engagement activities to maximize skill set to improve student achievement.

8.  Work collaboratively with colleagues and administration to meet goals of building/district.

9.  Effectively use data to make decisions relevant to instruction.

10.  Knowledgeable of content so as to have capacity to modify and develop curriculum to maximize student achievement.

11.  Attend staff meetings and district planned professional development.

12.  Maintains complete and accurate student and academic records.

13.  Order and maintain appropriate levels of text book and instructional materials and equipment.

14.  Maintaining and improving professional knowledge and skills.

15.  Following the letter and priority of board policies and directives from principal.

16.  Setting an example of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, self-motivation, and self-discipline for students.

17.  Work collaboratively with title I Staff and Literacy Coach to create IRIP's.


1.  The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District.

2.  Observing all rules and regulations established by the Board of Education and the Health Department.



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