Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Capac Community Schools
Position Details: 

Department:      Jr.-Sr. High School/Athletic Department

Reports to:        Jr.-Sr. High School Principal/Superintendent

Employment:     203 days

Salary:              $72,000

Benefits:           Health 20% Premium co-pay, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD

Start Date:        August 11, 2017



Summary:  This position's responsibilities are to provide strong leadership and build a structure of collaborative relationships in the school and community so that all students have a variety of opportunities to success and be productive members of the community. Student achievement in a performance-based school is a shared responsibility involving the student, family, educators, and the community. The assistant principal/athletic director is accountable for the continuous growth of students and increased building performance as measured over time by state standards and locally determined indicators. It is the expectation that the assistant principal/athletic director will demonstrate strong instructional leadership for staff including curriculum planning, review, and implementation; as well as the provision of professional development. The assistant principal/athletic director is responsible for building and athletic administration including the safety and welfare of students, athletes, and staff.



  • Possess valid Michigan School Administrator Certificate; Master’s Degree or above in educational leadership, curriculum, or related field.
  • Knowledge of adolescent development and understanding of current jr.-sr. high school research and theory; proficient in administrative uses of technology and data-based analysis.
  • Clear criminal history check; Minimum five years successful teaching and coaching experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; demonstrated ability in group processes, shared decision-making, and team participation.
  • Alternatives to the above qualification as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


Performance Requirements:

  • Provides instructional leadership for school staff; identifies, implements and monitors school-wide strategies that challenge high achievers and accelerates learning for low achievers; develop appropriate staff development programs designed to improve the level of instruction to students.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate the efforts related to student academic achievement, ensuring the school meets or makes satisfactory progress towards district and state standards and goals.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate data-driven procedures in collaboration with district leadership teams and staff; ensure that budget and staffing are aligned with district goals; uses data to drive all decisions.
  • Implement policy and procedure changes from the board of education or state/federal changes at the building level.
  • Supervise and evaluate school staff; model district standards of ethics and professionalism; monitor assist and evaluate staff implementation of school improvement plan and effective instructional and assessment practices.
  • Shape a school culture conducive to continuous improvements for students and staff; fosters, recognizes and supports ethnic, cultural, gender, economic, and human diversity throughout the school community, while striving to provide fair and equitable treatment and consideration for all.


  • Maintain a safe and orderly school environment; ensure a positive internal and external appearance of the building in partnership with teachers, parents, students, custodians, and other staff; prepares emergency procedures and communicates them to students, teachers, and staff; Collaboratively develop and implement a school discipline plan that contains clear expectations, a system of positive reinforcement and sequential, consistent, progressive consequences; analyze and utilize student discipline data to ensure effectiveness of behavioral interventions.
  • Administer and manage human resources, including interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; performance evaluations, rewarding, and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
  • Manage fiscal resources effectively.
  • Participate in activities to enhance personal and professional development including district leadership development opportunities; expands use of technology.
  • Attend meetings, athletic events, extra-curricular activities in the evening at the building, the district, and at other locations as directed.
  • Develop and maintain an athletic program which emphasizes safety, healthy life choices, and welfare of the participants.
  • Hire and maintain a coaching staff that believes in the value of educational athletes, which is to promote athletics as a component of the educational process, where students learn valuable lessons in practice and competition that will shape their future.
  • Manage athletic events/competitions, develop a budget, and administer the rules and regulations of the MHSAA.
  • Must be able to perform the physical demands of this position, which includes sitting, standing, talking, seeing, and hearing.  Occasionally it will be expected to repeat the same hand, arm, or finger motions many times. 
  • Demonstrated ability to meet multiple demands from several people and interact with the public, staff, students, and families.
  • Performs other functions and duties as assigned by the superintendent.


Terms of Employment

Salary and benefits as established by Capac Community Schools.


Please forward letter of interest, resume, transcripts, credentials, and certification to the following address:

Dr. Charles C. Smith, Interim Superintendent

Capac Community Schools

403 N. Glassford Street

Capac, MI  48014

(810) 395-3710


Deadline for applying – July 18, 2017